Q: How long has Sunshine on a Ranney Day been around?

A: Sunshine on a Ranney Day, a kid's charity in Atlanta, was formed in February of 2012 by Peter and Holly Ranney.  The first makeover was completed July 2012.

Q: Why is the name spelled the way it is?

A: Ranney is the last name of the Founders.  Common misspellings are Sunshine on a Rainy Day and Sunshine for a Rainy Day, however the correct spelling is Sunshine on a Ranney Day or SOARD (pronounced like sword) for short.

Q: How are the kids chosen?

A: The kids are chosen based on our resources and need.  SOARD often receives referrals from local hospitals and children’s health organizations, SOARD accepts applications for makeovers in and around the greater Atlanta area. 

Q: Who designs the rooms?

A: We work with professional designers who volunteer their time and talent.  

Q: Who does the work on the makeovers?

A: Peter is the project manager on all of the projects.  Any work related to electrical, plumbing or HVAC are done by licensed professionals.  Other work is done by our trusted sub contractors.

Q: Where is the charity located?

A: The Atlanta charity was founded in Roswell, GA and it's day-to-day operations in Roswell, GA. 

Q: What area does the charity serve?

A: Currently the metro Atlanta area.  (within 60 miles of Atlanta)

Q: Do you have plans to enter into other states?

A: Currently we are focusing our charity efforts in the Atlanta area.  Peter and Holly as well as the Board of Directors are exploring expansion.

Q: What is the age range of the children that you help? 

A: We help children ages four (4) through twenty one (21)

Q: What is the meaning behind the logo?

A: The centerpiece of the logo is Gracie the pig.  Gracie was a wedding present that Peter gave to Holly before their wedding in Santorini Greece. The saying "Everything will be Ok" is meant to give encouragement and focus on the positive side of the daily struggles our kids face.

Q. What are Sunshine Chairs?

A: Sunshine Chairs are our line of kids chairs that are personalized with inspiring messages straight from our Sunshine Kids. Net proceeds go toward our room makeovers.