Photography by Nicole W Photography

This divine, ray of sunshine is Janiyah. At two months of age Janiyah suffered a nearly fatal traumatic brain injury that left her cortically visually blind, epileptic, microcephalic and severely developmentally delayed.  

Beautiful Janiyah was only two months old and in need of a very special couple to provide her with the love, care and steadfast perseverance to overcome the event that changed her destiny.  It was no coincidence that she was blessed with foster parents who consider her to be a gift to cherish unconditionally. Janiyah remained in the hospital and rehabilitation center for 2 months, and went home with her new foster parents at 4 months old.

She now enjoys the love of foster parents who see no faults and know no limits. Love that survives and sacrifices beyond the means provided to create a safe home and supply warm hugs to dull the pain.  Love that ensures a future of faith, hope and love.

She is fully dependent on her foster parents who went from a two income home to one to provide her care around the clock as she is medically fragile.

 Janiyah sees thirteen specialists including a neurologist, physical, occupational and speech therapists.  She has shown the most positive response from therapy which uses assistive technology to provide toys and interactive tools for children with limited mobility and communication.  She is also excelling in vision therapy.  Janiyah enjoys coloring and playing games using an innovative software called Eyegazer. She uses her eyes to control the software and complete the tasks of her choice.  Janiyah also loves to relax while surrounded by fiberoptic lights and the sensory center.  She smiles when she hears familiar voices, clapping, music and songs.

Her foster parents dedicate themselves to advocating for her and helping get her needs met; one look at her innocent, precious face is a reminder that quitting is never an option.

Sunshine on a Ranney Day understands the challenges Janiyah and her foster family are faced with and wants to bring a plethora of smiles to her gorgeous face by providing her with a room makeover and wheelchair accessible bathroom that is as beautiful as she is! A room that shimmers and sparkles and meets her unique needs.  We would love to have you join us at the big reveal and support us in making this dream become a reality!


Before Sunshine!

After Sunshine!


A huge thank you to our donors and sponsors!