Photography by Nicole W Photography

This young and debonair role model is Kyle.  Despite only being 11 and diagnosed with a rare disability, he demonstrates all of the qualities of a leader and those required to be a successful coach: knowledge of sports; excellent communication skills; the ability to inspire and motivate; determination and patience; physical stamina and a sensitive and supportive approach. Those who know him say he has been special from day one, with a kindness in his heart that puts everyone at ease.  You can certainly see this when he smiles!
Kyle is exceptional and admirable in every aspect.  He has big dreams and will let absolutely nothing stand in his way of achieving them, including Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.  This rare genetic disease causes the body to fail to produce dystrophin, which is a protein that allows muscles to regenerate.  Without appropriate levels of dystrophin, the muscles of the body will atrophy and shrink over time causing a loss of mobility and function.  Children who seem to be developing typically, with strong muscles and healthy bodies, will eventually lose many of their motor skills and the function of their organs.  
Kyle has unwavering determination.  Kyle's number one dream is to be a college football coach.  His favorite team is Florida State and let's just say he was not afraid to tell us what he wants his dream bedroom to look like!
Sunshine on A Ranney Day was excited to be able to provide Kyle with a dream makeover of his bedroom and bathroom which allows him more room for his wheelchair and medical equipment as he grows and will also be on the main floor.  This makeover incorporated all of the things he loves most, including FSU.  We are watching him thrive and enjoy his new room with his sister Emily and brother Conor, oh and can’t leave out the family dog Sam!

before sunshine! 

after sunshine!

sunshine moments


"Coach Kyle! Coach Kyle!  Coach Kyle!" The chant could be heard for blocks as Coach Kyle's fans lined his street and driveway for his grand entrance.  After all the anticipation had built for Kyle, the day of the reveal was finally here.  Kyle was blown away by the extravagance of his new Florida State themed coach's bedroom and wheelchair accessible bathroom.  Add to that the shock and awe to have Warrick Dunn, former Atlanta Falcons running back and Florida State Alumni, come out to greet Kyle AND a personal video message from the man Kyle most wants to be like, Jimbo Fisher.  Coach Fisher couldn't make it to the reveal, so Kyle got the next best thing.  Kyle was over the moon with excitement and gratitude.  He could hardly wait for the crowd to die down so he could use his new space.    We had a wonderful time getting to know Kyle and his family and we hope he enjoys his room for years to come!


A huge thanks to the sponsors and donors!