Accessible Bathroom, Dream Bedroom

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Most soccer moms agree that driving teenage boys home from practice and games can make for a pungent experience and that a shower is first on the agenda at home. If only it were that easy for Alejandro, who plays for the Atlanta Sting power soccer team. Having been diagnosed with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy when he was six years old, he has been able to overcome many challenges. Alejandro has participated in numerous sports, including soccer, basketball, baseball, swimming, and even competed in a special needs triathlon. Unfortunately, whereas most boys go home and jump in the shower after sporting events, Alejandro's bathroom is not adapted; his wheelchair doesn't fit. Transferring from the chair to the shower and back is difficult, frightening, and risky as his bones are brittle. Recently a fracture in his legs caused a fat embolism that led to respiratory failure and resulted in a one week stay in the intensive care unit. This experience has caused Alejandro to fear the transfer and exemplifies the need for an accessible bathroom.

There is no more deserving teen than Alejandro. He approaches all challenges with great effort and courage. Alejandro has been very cooperative with all of his treatments since day one as well as participating in various research and clinical trials to help the scientific community find treatments and better care for boys with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy. At home, Alejandro likes to play video games with his brother and friends and loves movie nights with his family. Like most teens, he enjoys relaxing in his room, listening to music. He plans on going to college and getting a degree in Endangered Species Biology.

A "Dream Bedroom" and an accessible bathroom will provide Alejandro with the independence teens crave and keep him motivated as he works toward his dream of becoming a scientist.

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