Dream Bedroom

Down Syndrome

This beautiful, brilliantly blue-eyed angel is Anderson. Those who know him best say that his sense of humor will keep you laughing; and, you can never get enough of the tender warm hugs he is always eager to give! When Anderson was born, he was a seven- pound bundle of joy with a lifetime of glorious accomplishments ahead of him. He was also born with a diagnosis of Down Syndrome. Luckily, Anderson was quickly lead to Babies Can't Wait, which is an early intervention program that provides resources and support to families of children with special needs. Through the program, Anderson started physical therapy at around 4 months of age, followed by occupational and speech therapy. Early intervention proved to be a crucial step in his successful development. Although he was born with low muscle tone, common in Down Syndrome, you would never know it now. He is incredibly strong and able to run, jump and play alongside his typically developing peers. Anderson's interests include wrestling, country music, singing, Alabama football and watching “The Voice." He participates in Special Olympic bowling with his best friend Maggie and is quite the star. Anderson is a sweet and caring young fellow with a huge heart. He brings so much joy to all who are blessed to know him. SOARD returned the favor by adding a whole lot of sunshine to his home by providing him with a dazzling room makeover! The Spirit of life organization was started in memory of our brother, Tommy Meo Jr, who was tragically taken from us at age 12 in September 2000. Tommy has taught us that a lifetime is not measured by years, but by the amount of lives you have touched within the years you are here. We have dedicated a part of our lives to Tommy and through this, we strive to help others in his name. We want to continue to introduce the world to our brother, and for such beautiful reasons. Each year, after our main Walkathon fundraiser, we select an organization to donate to that we feel Tommy would be proud of. From the minute we found out about SOARD, we knew there couldn’t have been a more perfect match for us! Tommy would be honored to have the opportunity to sponsor a SOARD makeover for Anderson in his name.

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Before Sunshine

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After Sunshine

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