Therapy Room

Cystic Fibrosis

This handsome, responsible and bright preteen is Andrew. Andrew is bold, cool and loves playing video games and sports. His favorites are baseball and basketball, both which he loves to watch on television. Andrew is also a shoe guy. Like many boys his age, he has a passion for designer basketball shoes. He likes to research them on-line and saves his money to buy them on his own. Andrew was born with a rare genetic disorder called Eagle Barrett Syndrome, or Prune Belly Syndrome. It is characterized by the absence of abdominal muscles, kidney failure, pulmonary complications, gastrointestinal issues, and a short stature. Doctors predicted that he would not live to full term pregnancy. They performed twenty-two therapeutic amnio procedures to empty Andrew's bladder and two in-utero surgeries. He arrived six weeks early. Despite the fact that doctors had little hope that he would survive the first week, at seven days he was breathing on his own and his kidney function was steadily improving. He has never given up. He is a true champion. Since birth, he has endured more than twenty-three surgeries including a kidney transplant. He was also diagnosed with Cystic Fibrosis a little over seven years ago. Doctors had always attributed his pulmonary deficits to not having abdominal muscles, but frequent bouts of pneumonia warranted additional testing which lead to the discovery that he also had CF. He wears a medical vest that provides him with high-frequency chest wall oscillation to loosen and thin mucus and takes an inhaled medication which treats bacteria that grows only in the lungs of CF patients. In spite of the significant obstacles he has faced, he continues to move forward steadfast and strong, all the while enjoying life with a striking smile. Sunshine on a Ranney Day has already seen that the marvelous makeover is just what the doctor ordered to brighten all of his days. His new therapy room is tailored featuring all of the things he loves, including signed memorabilia from his favorite Braves players, a fridge to keep his favorite snacks, along with sofa's so comfy he has slept there several nights. We welcome Andrew and his family to the SOARD family!

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