Dream Bedroom, Accessible Bathroom

Spina Bifida

Meet Ben, the beneficiary of the next SOARD dream room makeover. He is quite a brilliant young man and incredibly handsome. This remarkable young man is only 8 and regardless of the challenges he faces, he has accomplished many goals and acquired great talents that many of us as adults have still not attained. Ben is the fourth child in the family. He was born with Myelomeningocele, which is the most serious form of Spina Bifida. This is a rare birth defect in which the spinal cord and spinal canal do not fuse together or close before birth. This defect leaves the space open with a thin membrane covering it and this sac contains cerebrospinal fluid. This can lead to hydrocephalus as well. Ben experienced this and required a shunt placed shortly after birth. In addition to Myelomeningocele, Ben was born with a club foot and congenital vertical talus also known as rocker bottom foot. Ben gets around in his wheelchair, which enhances his need for speed. This speed racer is extremely adventurous, loves the great outdoors and enjoys exploring the world around him. His differences do not create barriers he can’t overcome. He loves to swim, water ski, snow ski, play wheelchair basketball, go hiking on his dad’s back and participate in track and field events. Ben raced at the Track and Field Junior Nationals Competition this past summer. Not only is he a sports champion, but also plays the piano and violin. This second grader is exceptionally multitalented and has a great sense of humor, too. Ben delights in telling jokes, dances to the Crazy Frog Pandora station, enjoys science experiments and reading, especially Encyclopedia Brown and fact books. He loves Geography and one day hopes to be a Biologist. This young man exudes excellence and charm. His determination and drive are rolling him toward a bright and esteemed future. We ecstatically worked on his renovations and anxiously looked forward to seeing his bright smile! What a great experience this was for Ben! For the first time since he has lived in Atlanta, he was able to wash his hand all by himself and he'll be able to learn to be more independent with his new zero curb shower. Sunshine on a Ranney Day also got to stretch our creative legs by creating a fold out desk over his toilet so he can do his treatments and still conserve space. We know that our our makeovers are life changing for so many families, but when the kids are excited to be able to do things that are taken for granted so often, well, that's why we're in this business!! We hope that Ben gains the Independence he longs for and we just know he'll continue to be a great ray of sunshine to all he meets

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