2 Accessible Bathrooms, 9 Sleep Rooms

Sunshine on a Ranney Day was thrilled to launch one of our largest projects to date! Our mission and labor of love is providing children with long term illness, dream room makeovers to bring joy and light into their homes. We have been partnering with our donors, volunteers and local organizations to bring positive change to the lives of the children and families we serve, one smile at a time. We are delighted to partner with Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to redesign the 9 sleep rooms in Egleston. The sleep rooms are a place for family members to escape to and rest while their child is being treated in the hospital. As anyone can imagine, the stress level, angst and sleep deprivation of a parent caring for a sick or medically complex child can be exhausting and quite overwhelming. These parents and siblings need a comforting space to help them relax and unwind. A place where they can step away from the emotional roller coaster and anxiety of dealing with life threatening illness and just let go, cry, sleep or comfort each other. The current rooms consist of gray walls, a basic twin bed or sleep chair, an end table, a lamp, and a safe. They are sterile in nature and look like typical hospital rooms. Many of these families endure countless nights of worry and need a sense of comfort with the warmth of a home like environment to help them get through the night. An estimated 2,300 people sleep in these rooms every year. Although they are grateful to be near their beloved children while they are receiving care, multiple families who have slept in the rooms agree that the comfort of home is missing. Stacy Halstead, mother of Tripp Halstead, a young boy who was paralyzed by a fallen tree limb at 2 years old while playing at his daycare, spent five months caring for Tripp while he was at CHOA. When asked about this project, she reported: “My husband and I, along with my parents have slept in these rooms many times. Personally, I’d love a more homey look. Warm soothing colors, maybe a beautiful picture on the wall not drawn by a child. A vase of pretty fake flowers. A noise machine or fan for noise.” Thanks to our amazing sponsors and CHOA's generous donors, Sunshine on a Ranney Day renovated the sleep center including all nine rooms, the hallways, personal storage areas and two bathrooms. We were ecstatic to have the opportunity to leverage the expertise of our designers to meet the needs of comfort and tranquility for the parents who are staying there during their children’s treatment and recovery. Being able to broaden our reach and touch the lives of so many families is an esteemed privilege.

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After Sunshine

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