Accessible Bathroom, Dream Bedroom

Mitochondrial Disease, Epilepsy

Light shows can be quite mesmerizing, and at the end of the day, ten-year-old Caitlin loves to go to her room where various lights provide her own nightly "light show." Caitlin is severely developmentally delayed, non-verbal, unable to walk, requires around the clock care, and is at risk due to her yet to be determined mitochondrial disease/disorder. From her first seizure at four months old to now, Caitlin's ten short years have been a whirlwind of medical procedures and surgeries. As Caitlin grows older, the impact of her conditions will cause further delays and her system will begin to deteriorate.

Although she is non-verbal, Caitlin has no trouble letting people know how she feels or what she wants by giving a cute, little yell! She loves to be on the move, both in her wheelchair and the car. Caitlin's family feels fortunate to have been able to move into a one-story home where everything is on one level, and she is blessed with wonderful grandparents, friends, and neighbors who love and adore her.

Caitlin stays home with her mother and participates in the hospital homebound school program as well as therapy programs. Caitlin requires round the clock care. As she continues to defy the odds, her growing size has made bathing difficult for her parents, and an accessible bathroom will make bath time safer and even fun. An adapted bathroom and "Dream Bedroom" will help Caitlin end her day with her mesmerizing light show and she will continue to shine as the light of her parents’ lives.

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Photography by Nicole Photography

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