Dream Bedroom

Grease Fire Burn Victim

This radiant beauty is Caliyah. She received the bedroom makeover of her dreams. Caliyah a is spirited and poised four-year old. She loves the splendor of glitz and glamour. He favorite things to do include dressing up, doing her make-up, watching You Tube tutorials for applying make-up and of course, magical unicorns with sparkling horns. In her spare time, she enjoys producing videos of her own and she is quite the star. She certainly shines bright and loves to inspire others. Her sweet nature and perseverance are moving indeed. This year, Caliyah experienced a horrific tragedy that changed her life forever. She was severely burned in a grease fire that started in the kitchen. She suffered third degree burns on her face and arms. The pain she suffered was so tremendous that doctors put her into a medically induced coma. She spent a month receiving intensive care in the hospital followed by rigorous physical therapy. She missed her preschool graduation ceremony since she was hospitalized, but the school and hospital joined forces to bring a special graduation ceremony of her own right to her room. Being able to enjoy the rite of passage of graduating preschool really lifted her spirits. Although Caliyah is making great progress, she has a long road of recovery ahead of her. Her scars are still healing and she is not able to go in direct sunlight. Sunshine on a Ranney Day gave her the glamorous bedroom makeover of her dreams! It promises to be as beautiful as she is!

Family Photos

Photography by Niki Murphy Photography

Before Sunshine

Photography by Niki Murphy Photography

After Sunshine

Photography by Niki Murphy Photography

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Photography by Niki Murphy Photography