Camp Twin Lakes


2 Accessible Bathrooms, Therapy Room

Each year, SOARD completes one special project that helps children outside of a home residence. We love helping the community and partnering with amazing organizations. We are excited to partner with Camp Twin Lakes for 2018! Camp Twin Lakes has delivered fully adaptive, medically supportive, and deeply impactful camp experiences to more than 10,000 of Georgia’s children and young adults, helping each camper grow in their confidence and experience the joys of childhood. Through intentional play, they develop mindful and confident children who are prepared to triumph over challenges. By learning perseverance, resilience, and a sense of community, the campers leave transformed and capable of extraordinary things. Camp Twin Lakes is building a new space that will house ceramics, wood working, and an open air teaching kitchen. They would also love to have a "Zen Den" to serve multiple purposes including a quiet room where a child can rest, a play room for when outdoor activities are rained out, and a sensory space for when a camper needs a calm environment. This sounds like a perfect makeover for Sunshine on a Ranney Day. We are so excited to create this room and are bringing in our amazing design team from Randall-Paulson Architects. Let's help these kids "Keep Calm and Camp On!" We plan to have this completed and ready for Camp Twin Lakes summer program!

Family Photos

Photography by Nicole Photography

Before Sunshine

Photography by Nicole Photography

After Sunshine

Photography by Nicole Photography

We Love our Sponsors

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