Accessible Bathroom, Dream Bedroom

Arthrogryposis, Pierre Robin Sequence

Let’s cheer for sweet Caroline! Caroline, like most teenage girls, loves shopping, makeup, cheerleading, going to the beach and Starbucks Frappuccinos. Although she is enjoying high school, her journey has come with many challenges. Caroline was born at 38 weeks via caesarian section due to fetal intolerance to labor. She was diagnosed at birth with Arthrogryposis, which is a rare non-progressive neuromuscular disease, and Pierre Robin Sequence which is characterized by craniofacial anomalies including a small jaw, cleft of the soft palate and a narrow airway. She was born with contractures of all her joints, bilateral clubfeet and required a tracheostomy to breathe properly. She has endured more than twenty surgeries, most of which were orthopedic. At three years of age, she was diagnosed with Scoliosis, which despite multiple painful experimental surgeries followed by infection is unresolved. She currently receives supplemental nutrition via a gastronomy tube and relies on mechanical ventilation to breathe while she sleeps. At the age of four, Caroline lost a foot due to poor vascular supply following a surgical procedure and has used an electric wheelchair ever since. She has not let it slow her down and has participated in wheelchair baseball and ballet. Her favorite, however, is cheerleading! She competes with a special needs cheer squad and serves as her high school cheer squad’s team mascot. Not only does she excel academically and show her school spirit, she also has a fantastic sense of humor and maintains an upbeat, positive attitude. Despite everything she has been through, she refuses to be defeated! When she is not cheering on her team, she is cheering on her younger brother, Tate. She is his biggest fan and supporter-never missing one of his games or swim meets. Caroline relies on her family for assistance with activities of daily living. However, she desires more independence and privacy. Sunshine on a Ranney Day is going to help make her dream a reality by remodeling her bathroom to accommodate her wheelchair and renovating her bedroom. She is looking forward to having a bathroom that she can access on her own; one where she can enjoy a little privacy and independence. We are so excited to bring a little more cheer to Caroline's life! Join us for her reveal in Marietta, GA on Saturday May 9th at 12pm! To donate toward Caroline's makeover, click here!

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Before Sunshine

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After Sunshine

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