Dream Bedroom, Accessible Bathroom

Muscular Spasticity

Gabrielle is a beautiful young teenager that is resilient, brave, determined, vibrant, feisty, and loving. She is full of personality and is a social butterfly. She keeps people laughing. Her contagious smile symbolizes her victories over many challenges in her life. Gabrielle means “God is my strength.” Her name exemplifies how, with God’s power and resources, she has triumphed over surgeries, academic demands, physical opposition, and personal challenges. Her parents were told by doctors that she may never walk, talk or do anything. She certainly proved them wrong. Gabrielle’s story began with her being diagnosed with Schizencephaly at six months old. She has Muscular Spasticity in her arms, hands, legs and feet. Her left side, arm and leg have minimal movement. She is unable to walk and utilizes her power wheelchair for mobility and requires assistance in transitioning activities. Her right side is more flexible and allows her the ability to move for feeding herself and other activities such as writing or typing on the computer. Gabrielle’s story continues with highlights of her growing from glory to glory. She is experiencing the teenage years just as she should, having fun and reaching for great goals. Gabrielle enjoys computers, editing YouTube videos and basketball. She wants to become a video editor. She loves music, dancing and playing with her best friend and cousin, William. Her favorite PS4 games are Fortnite and NBA19. Sunshine on a Ranney Day was so excited to be able to give Gabrielle a life changing wheelchair accessible bathroom and dream bedroom makeover! This will not only help Gabrielle, but will majorly help her parents so they don't have to lift her as much! We love our job!

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