Dream Bedroom

Cerebral Palsy

Meet Georgia. She is a spirited teenager who loves video games, watching YouTube, wearing make-up and enjoys a wild flair to her bedroom décor. She also has a passion for writing and singing. Georgia was born prematurely at 31 weeks gestation. She weighed a mere 3 pounds 14 ounces; and, was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. Her doctor told her parents that she would probably never walk. However, this was a false prophecy, as her will and determination were much greater than her limitations. With a lot of hard work and faith, Georgia started walking at two years of age. This was a tremendous feat for her. A feat that brought her much joy and the independence she craved. Her grandparents, who are dedicated to raising her and opening up opportunities for her to succeed, were thrilled with her accomplishment. At the age of two, Georgia had a Little Tikes shopping cart that she used to hold herself up and walk with. She placed toys in the cart and pushed it all over the house. As she learned to walk her family would sing, “Just put one foot in front of the other.” Walking was her favorite activity. She was 4 years old when doctors decided to perform tendon-lengthening surgery on her legs. Although the surgery targeted improved long-term outcomes, it was a devastating setback for her as it was two years before she could walk again. After that, she had an injury to her knee that made walking independently difficult and she now uses a walker to ambulate. She still has an intense desire, drive and determination to walk. She also hopes to learn to drive a car someday. Georgia is a very outgoing person who makes friends easily. She has that kind of smile that lights up a room when she walks in. Growing up, her favorite movies included Barbie and anything featuring the Olsen twins. She loved playing with dolls and Monster High dolls were her favorite. Now that she is a teenager, she has grown into a trendsetter with her own style. She has adorned her room with a plethora of pictures, peace signs and a colorful palette. Georgia chose a different color for each wall. Each wall color represents a “mood” of hers. The blue wall is her calming wall and a pink wall is her “wild” wall. Georgia has a cat named Molly Star. Molly Star is distinctively decorated as well. She has black fur with a white patch on the front and no tail. Molly loves to come into her room to play and sleep on her bed. Ambulating across the large high school campus to attend classes has been a challenge for Georgia this year and she endured four falls as a result. In order to keep her safe and allow her time to heal, she enrolled in the school’s homebound educational program where a teacher comes to the home three times per week. Sunshine on a Ranney Day hoped to help Georgia get closer to her goals, including taking a shower more independently and safely ambulating around her home. With this dream makeover and crucial renovations, she is well on her way!

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