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3 Dream Bedrooms

Our recent make-over at the Glass home was a tremendous success! When we met Ms. Glass a few months ago, her story so touched our hearts that we enthusiastically took on the task of not just one room, but 4! At seventy, Ms. Glass remains a vibrant, tireless, and inspirational woman! In addition to her 4 birth children, 8 grandchildren and 13 great grandchildren, Ms. Glass has opened her heart and home to 4 more exceptional and fortunate children; Ray, Charlie, Faith, and Harrison. Ms. Glass maintains a tidy and organized home, and when we met the children for the first time it was clear that they are well-cared for and deeply loved. We saw this make-over as a way to enhance the joy that is so prevalent in this home. So, on a sunny mid-October day, our crew descended upon the modest Glass home to do our thing. We arranged a day of indulgence for Ms. Glass -- a mani/pedi, lunch and an afternoon of shopping. The boys spent the day off-site with family. With a team of designers and workers dedicated to each of the 4 rooms we got down to business; painting, building, and decorating. The theme for Harrison's room: Cars! Faith's room is all about butterflies and inspiration. Charlie's favorite character, Spongebob, is the theme in his room, and Ray's room now resembles a mini recording studio. More than 50 friends and neighbors gathered for the late afternoon reveal. There was hardly a dry eye in the place. This is how we know our work is done. And, we’ll check-in with the Glass family from time to time to remind them that we continue to think about them. They have changed our lives as much as we have theirs. Bringing light into the lives of those whose challenges may seem insurmountable it so rewarding! We thoroughly enjoy putting our talents and gifts to good use when we do our make-overs. The true gift for us, however, is the reaction of those we serve; the gasps, the laughs, the exclamations of joy and the teary eyes. We are so appreciative of the opportunity to share ‘Sunshine on a Ranney Day’.

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