Dream Bedroom

Cerebral Palsy, Microcephaly

This beautiful blessing is seven-year old Haleigh. Haleigh is truly a miracle. After being told they would never be able to have children, Haleigh’s parents were gifted with the most amazing surprise-a beautiful healthy baby girl. Holding her was a dream come true. Around seven months of age, she began having seizures that grew to become more often and intense. A series of tests lead to the devastating diagnoses of Cerebral Palsy, microcephaly and severe seizure disorder. She was not meeting her developmental milestones and doctors hypothesized that she would never walk or talk and that her seizures would become so severe that medicine would not control them. Despite medication, cord blood cell reinfusion and Hyperbaric Oxygen treatments which facilitated progress in her tone and cognition, the seizures continued to worsen, become more frequent and lead to difficulty breathing. At the worst, she experienced over 200 seizures a day and required CPR six times daily. She spent 2 months in the PICU with little improvement. With no viable solution, her parents were introduced to the possibility that Cannabis Oil may help Haleigh and they were determined to do whatever they could to help her. Unfortunately, use of the oil is illegal in the state of Georgia. Though they fought for legislators to pass a law allowing her to use Cannabis Oil, it failed in the last minutes of the legislative session. Although that failed, her parents were not going to let her suffer without trying this potential relief so without hesitation her mom packed her up and moved to Colorado where the use of Cannabis Oil is legal. Unfortunately, her father had to remain in Georgia to keep his job and retirement. In Colorado, Haleigh received another miraculous blessing; the Cannabis Oil was working! Almost immediate relief was noticeable with reduced frequency and intensity of seizures, improved cognitive status, improved motor skills and she began to talk! She defied all of the doctor’s predictions and was progressing beautifully. Proving them wrong was sweet bliss. After being in Colorado, Haleigh received the gift of another miraculous blessing. In March 2015 Haleigh's Hope Act was passed by the House and Senate and was placed on the Governor's desk for a signature. They finally had plans to come home to their home and her father where they could live as a family and get her the Cannabis Oil she needed to continue to progress. Unfortunately, one week before their arrival, their home was destroyed in a fire. They lost all their possessions as well as the place they felt embodied the most precious memories of their life together as a family. Despite this road block, they persevered once again! Strength and hope always pulls them through together. Sunshine on a Ranney Day brought them a whole lot of sunshine by providing her with a stunning new room where she can continue to grow and receive the care that she needs.

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Before Sunshine

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After Sunshine

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