Therapy Room, Accessible Bathroom

Massive Brain Hemorrhage

This little cutie received a brand-new therapy room and wheelchair accessible bathroom! Hawk is a precious blessing that was prayed for long before he was conceived. After several infertility treatments and lots of hoping, he was a gift that many cheerfully awaited the arrival of his birth. When asked whether she wanted a boy or a girl, his mother said, “I just want a happy life-loving child that will go everywhere with me.” She says she was given exactly what her heart desired. Hawk’s grandmother describes him as a love sponge! Who wouldn’t want to soak up a little love from this adorable angel? After being home for two and a half weeks, Hawk experienced a seizure and vomiting and was admitted to the hospital. After testing, it was found that he sustained a massive hemorrhage in his brain. He was transported to a specialized unit at Children’s Hospital of Atlanta. He continued to have dangerous seizures and was therefore induced into a coma with pentobarbital. Severe complications lead to blood clots that needed to be drained via an external ventricular drain and subsequently developed hydrocephalus. He has endured numerous infections, DVTs and eight surgeries to place shunts in his brain during his short four years of life. Despite having seizures almost daily, he works hard in therapy to regain the skills he lost after the hemorrhage, i.e. tracking with his eyes, eating, holding up his head, and become mobile. Through extensive therapy that he loves, he is making gains. His favorite things to do are swim, rough house with other children, go to school and take care of his pets! A new therapy room equipped with all the specialized equipment he needs to reach his goals has been put in place. We also renovated his bathroom to make it wheelchair accessible. We are so excited that Hawk can now achieve his goals and soar! New beginnings! This is just what Hawk's reveal was all about! Working on Hawk's home was so rewarding. We started renovations just days after Katie (Hawk's mom) closed on the home. Creating that perfect space for Hawk was key! Hawk's supporters lined the street welcoming them to their "new beginnings". As Katie and Gramma walked into the space, they navigated straight to the therapy platform swing and therapy table that will help Hawk continue to thrive while in the comfort of his own home. The bathroom was breath taking! Katie was speechless to the design of the bathroom where she can now monitor Hawk easily while he sleeps in his own bed since all three rooms are joined together. The zero curb showers are also very important to our families, Katie teared up when she saw the shower knowing that it's going to be so much easier and safer to bathe Hawk! This is what it's all about, making these families’ lives a little easier and giving them hope that everything will be okay.

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