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Tuberous Sclerosis Complex

This bright-eyed beauty with the breathtaking smile is Hudson. His furry pal is Denali, his service dog. What an adorable pair! Hudson is as lovable as he is handsome. He is a spirited young man who loves the funky beats of “Up Town Funk,” horses and trees. Sunshine on A Ranney Day provided him with an incredible in-home therapy gym so he can continue to grow and develop in leaps and bounds! This incredible six-year old continues to thrive daily and inspire others despite the many challenges that come with the rare diagnosis of Tuberous Sclerosis Complex (TSC). This uncommon genetic disease causes tumors to grow in many different organs including the eyes, brain, kidney, heart, skin and lungs. This condition can often be associated with developmental delays, autism and epilepsy. The diagnosis was first suspected during gestation and was confirmed at birth. Although devastated, Hudson’s parents were able to connect with experienced specialists and the Tuberous Sclerosis Alliance who helped support them and educate them in knowing what to expect and how to care for Hudson. Having done research and receiving support from other parents who had been through similar situations helped them through this journey and fuels them to reach for the stars helping Hudson meet developmental milestones and surpass all expectations. Shortly after birth Hudson began having continuous complex partial seizures, up to 200 of them in a 40-hour period. These were due to a large golf ball sized tuber in his left frontal lobe. Due to the significance of these seizures, he had to endure brain surgery at only three weeks old. This helped to reduce the seizures until the onset of Infantile Spasms which are common to TSC patients and emerge around 4-6 months of age. These violent spasms cause extreme body contractions and can impede the development of the brain. Specialists help Hudson manage them medically and Denali helps alert the family to the initiation of seizures to help minimize their effects. This extraordinary service dog is trained to sense the onset of a seizure, catching Hudson before they start and helping to break the fall. Denali goes everywhere Hudson goes and has proven to be an invaluable member of the family. Hudson uses an iPad to communicate and receives intensive physical, occupational, speech and music therapies to help facilitate his development and achieve his goals. Although physicians are unable to predict what the future holds for Hudson, he and his family are cherishing every moment together-laughing, smiling and dancing toward success and happiness! SOARD was so excited to see his face light up with radiant smiles as he played in his new therapy suite!

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