Accessible Bathroom, Dream Bedroom

Central Nervous System Disorder

Bright and adventurous is this handsome teenager, Hunter. He received an amazing dream room makeover and bathroom makeover from Sunshine on a Ranney Day. This 13-year old middle school student has never gotten less than an A and is in all advanced classes. That is mighty impressive and admirable. Hunter’s success is due to his dedication and ambition despite the challenges he faces. Hunter was born with an undiagnosed Central Nervous System Disorder. To this day, he does not have a confirmed medical diagnosis. As an infant, he was not meeting expected milestones such as sitting up, rolling or pulling to stand. He was referred to a neurologist and began physical and occupational therapy at 11 months of age. He has had multiple MRIs of the brain and spine as well as other extensive neurological assessments through the years, all of which show no identified abnormalities in the neurological structures. After being examined by neurologists across the country, one thing they have all agreed upon is that Hunter presents like a Spinal Cord Injury. Unfortunately, the gold standard test to confirm this diagnosis is an Angiogram of the spinal cord, which would put Hunter at high risk for a stroke. In order to protect him, this test is not going to be performed and an exact diagnosis is impossible. A label is not required to keep this amazing young man thriving and enjoying this beautiful life! Hunter perseveres with steadfast strength and continues to enjoy his favorite things such as playing Power Wheelchair Soccer with his travel soccer team, Sting, playing Minecraft, swimming, attending youth group and spending quality time with his family and friends. He can often be found goofing off with his favorite pals including his 12-year old sister, Riley, his service dog, Osei, a toy poodle named Max, and a cat named Emily. SOARD transformed his room and bathroom into an adventurous adobe where he can continue to bask in fun and shine, shine, shine, along with a wheelchair accessible bathroom where he can have as much independence as possible.

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