Therapy Room


Jacob is a ray of sunshine who gives amazing hugs and kisses! Jacob is an energetic bright boy who loves tractors, trains, and trucks. Jacob was gifted to his parents through the joy of adoption. What a wonderful surprise and blessing. His parents traveled far from Georgia to Wyoming to meet him and take him back home to his forever home. Jacob was a wonderful baby. He didn’t cry much, never took a pacifier and ate very well. He was developing as expected and then one day things just changed…no more hugs, he refused food, and he didn’t talk. He experienced a regression of skills. Jacob’s pediatrician told his parents he was just slow as little boys often are and that they should not worry. They knew something was different and to ensure the best for him, they were certain that they needed to seek the help of another physician. A new pediatrician agreed and worked toward finding out why he was regressing. Jacob was diagnosed with Autism, PDD-NOS, Sensory Integration Disorder, Anxiety and developmental delays. He was enrolled in school and therapy to help meet his developmental milestones. He has received occupational and speech therapy since he was 3. At nine, Jacob has come a long way and is developing his own personality! He is funny, likes to be silly, enjoys being squeezed with deep sensory input and loves time with family. He especially loves playing with his cousins! His favorite places to go include McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Great American Cookie and going to the TA truck stop to watch the trucks come through. He loves his therapists and teachers and learns a lot from them. However, he inspires and teaches those around him something new every day! SOARD gave Jacob a dream therapy room that included items that provide sensory input as well as a few of his favorite things throughout the specially designed décor. SOARD receives updates from Jacob's mom of how the room has impacted his everyday therapy sessions, we are so thrilled that the room has tremendously helped with where he used to struggle. Jacob waited patiently for two weeks while Sunshine worked their magic in his new therapy space. It was so much fun custom building just for his needs, and interests. This kid is so full of love, energy, and life! His teachers, therapists, family, and friends all gathered in the family’s cozy living room to welcome Jacob home to his new space. We made our announcements before they arrived because we promised Jacob that when he got home he could run upstairs to his new space, he wasted no time once they pulled in to make it upstairs! Jacob loved every part of his new space. His parents were in awe as the whole room captured Jacob's spirit. Jacob's mom has sent an update that Jacob will now sleep in his room!! This makes us super happy that we accomplished many of Jacob's needs. It was a pleasure Jacob, Ashlie and Stephen. Welcome to the SOARD family!

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Before Sunshine

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After Sunshine

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