Dream Bedroom, Therapy Room

Severe Motion Disorder

Meet Jessie and her bestie, Mo. They are an adorable duo with an unbreakable bond. They are also the next recipients of an amazing bedroom and therapy room makeover from Sunshine on a Ranney Day. Jessie is thirteen and has had Mo, the gorgeous Goldendoodle as her service dog and best friend for two joyous years. Jessie loves music, rhythm and singing. She is very talented and wants to be famous. She also enjoys therapeutic horseback riding and trapeze. She spends a lot of time at Canopy Studios performing on the trapeze. Her aspiration and passion shines through every time she practices. Jessie was born in Sao Paolo, Brazil and was placed in an orphanage immediately following her birth. She came to the US when she was two on a medical visa and was adopted by her forever family at the age of three. Soon after her arrival in the US, she was diagnosed with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and Failure to Thrive. She was fragile and tiny weighing only seventeen pounds. The first few years were quite difficult, but she never gave up. Jessie endured eye surgery to correct ptosis and strabismus, had several sets of ear tubes, was diagnosed with hearing loss, autism and sensory processing disorder. Mo has been a wonderful addition to the family. He goes everywhere with Jessie, even to school. Mo has helped tremendously in reducing Jessie’s anxiety, preventing meltdowns and keeps her from wandering off. He has opened her world to others as well because he is a good conversation starter. This facilitates interaction with peers. Despite her progress, Jessie recently experienced a psychological episode and has developed a severe motion disorder. She has tremors in her arms and legs. These tremors make it impossible for her to sit still, write, color, or even feed herself. So far doctors have been unable to find a reason for the tremors and they are currently trying to find a medication that makes them manageable. These setbacks do not get Jessie down. She continues to grow and reach for the stars. Sunshine on A Ranney Day planned to provide her with an exquisite room makeover that met all of her needs and put smiles on her and Mo’s faces! "Miss Jessie's Sunshine on a Ranney Day Makeover Day", it says it right on Jessie's proclamation that she received personally from the mayor's office from the City of Winder. What a special day it was for Jessie indeed! Jessie was an outstanding makeover kid by not peeking at all into her makeover for 2 whole weeks prior to her reveal. Pat and Janice Vinson even came to the reveal to hear her exclamation of excitement upon entering her rooms for the first time. With the love and support of family, friends, and even members from the City of Winder at the reveal, it was one for the books. Jessie received so many surprises that by the end of the reveal, she was plumb wore out. Even Jessie's therapy dog, Mo, seemed to appreciate her new bed and made himself right at home. Enjoy the new space you two!

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Before Sunshine

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After Sunshine

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