Accessible Bathroom, Dream Bedroom

Cerebral Palsy

Our next recipient of a dreamy home makeover is Juan. This compassionate sixteen year-old is most happiest when he is listening to music, watching movies or playing video games. He is very vigilant about taking care of his things and incredibly grateful for the loving care his mother provides him. Juan was born premature and resided in the NICU for two months. He was considered developmentally delayed as an infant and diagnosed with cerebral palsy as a toddler.
Juan’s medical, therapeutic and care needs are extensive and carry a significant expense. He receives special education services at school and attends physical therapy three times per week. His mother is a single parent working full time to provide him with the support and services he needs to achieve his goals. In addition to requiring extensive therapy, he also needs assistance in dressing, bathing, and getting in and out of the car and shower. Like most teenage boys, he is taller and heavier than his petite mother. This creates a substantial challenge when transferring him from the wheelchair to the bathroom and into the tub. The bathroom is too narrow for both of them and is not designed for an individual with special needs. As a result, she has to bathe him in his bed. Not only is this uncomfortable, but Juan also desires more privacy as he nears adulthood. His mom’s greatest wish is being able to gift him a home in which he will be able to achieve independence as an adult. Juan’s greatest wish is to reduce the painful burden of lifting and carrying him that his mother endures selflessly.

Sunshine on a Ranney Day is privileged to have the opportunity to make Juan’s dream come true! With the generous support of our donors, we will be renovating his home to expand his bedroom and transform his tiny bathroom into a fully adaptable bathroom that will make life a lot easier for both Juan and his mom. We hope this gift will lighten their burdens, lift their spirits and evokes endless smiles!

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