Dream Bedroom, Accessible Bathroom, Wheelchair Ramp


Sunshine on a Ranney Day and Telemundo have teamed up again to make a big difference in a special girl’s life. We are currently working on a very important project; a beautiful room makeover for Juana. We are thrilled to be able to provide her with this opportunity and share her story with you. Like all sweet little girls, Juana spent her early childhood dreaming of what she would be when she grew up. Her dream was to be a teacher. She aspired to make a difference, share her knowledge and help others shine. She loved playing with pencils, books, notebooks, chalkboards and crayons. She had all the essential tools, enthusiasm, compassion and intelligence needed for the job. She even had experience. She loved taking care of all of the children in the family and babysitting was something she excelled at. When Juana was fourteen, she was excitedly planning her Quinceanera Party in Mexico. This celebration was something she looked forward to every day with excitement and sweet anticipation. Unfortunately, Juana became very ill and never got to enjoy her Quinceanera. Juana had been sick for two weeks with what doctor’s said was the flu. It seemed to get worse and worse. She was spending time with her sister Cecilia when she became critically ill. She had a fever, chills and nausea. Then she developed a significant headache and became incoherent. Cecilia took her to the ER. It was a wild ride of examinations without answers before they finally identified the problem. Her brain was significantly swollen. She had encephalitis caused by an autoimmune disorder. So much so that doctors had to induce a coma. After five days in a coma, doctors said that they did not expect her to pull through. She was on life support and they asked the family if they wanted to disconnect her. They chose to continue to fight for a miracle and three weeks later she finally opened her eyes and began to breathe on her own. Juana never fully recovered. She has endured brain surgery, experiences seizures, is in constant pain and has never regained her functional mobility. Juana cannot walk or talk and has difficulty breathing. Losing her abilities has been challenging for her and for her family. The encephalitis changed her life in a devastating way and has affected her both physically and emotionally. Not only is she disabled, but her father is disabled as well. Juana’s mother works full time to support the family and she and Cecilia are her caretakers. Helping her meet complex medical needs, take showers and transfer to and from the bed is very strenuous on their bodies. Providing Juana with a dream room makeover, a ramp and an accessible shower will help the family better meet her needs and alleviate some of the strain on their bodies. More importantly, the goal is to bring Juana a whole lot of sunshine! Lifting her spirits, making her smile and bring back some of her joy is our mission! You can see our trip out to the house to tell the family they are getting a makeover by clicking here!

Family Photos

Photography by Niki Murphy Photography

Before Sunshine

Photography by Niki Murphy Photography

After Sunshine

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Photography by Niki Murphy Photography