Accessible Bathroom, Therapy Room

Mitochondrial Disease

Meet the Parker family! Kristopher, Brandi, Kaden (7), Karson (5), Korbin (3), and Koen (1). The Parker's won their makeover at a charity event for Tripp Halstead, the Winder toddler recovering from a serious head injury due to a freak accident at his daycare during strong winds brought on by a storm. The makeover is needed to help their son Karson who is struggling with mitochondrial disease. Kris and Brandi have been wanting to build a safe room for Kar for a long time but because of financial reasons haven't been able to make it happen in the timing needed. One of the biggest challenges the family has is making everything "Karson proof" which they say is baby proofing on steroids. Karson has recently learned to open and close doors. While this is great developmentally, he is now a danger to himself. The "childproof" doorknobs are not Karson proof as they don't even slow him down. His parents had to push all the furniture against the walls and place anything and everything that he can tip or reach up high so he's not a danger to himself or his siblings. He has no concept of the danger of sharp objects, not to mention the hazards of a kitchen. All of the drawers in the house have locks and there are baby gates everywhere keeping him out of certain rooms. The room SOARD created for the Parker family is a Karson friendly therapy room, spacious enough for the entire family to enjoy. The therapy room includes a ball pit, therapy swing, handicap accessible bathroom, and sound system. Our makeover also included some remodeling in their kitchen/dining room.

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