Accessible Bathroom, Dream Bedroom

Spina Bifida

We are proud to introduce you to Lainey. This beautiful princess is thirteen years old and is a devoted daddy’s girl. Her biggest fans are her two big brothers and her dog Buddy. She recently became aware that Sunshine on A Ranney Day will be renovating her home and she is absolutely thrilled! Sunshine on A Ranney Day is planning a spectacular dream make over for her and is looking forward to breaking ground on this project.

Lainey is the baby of the family and was born with Spina Bifida. She resided in the NICU at Children’s Hospital of Atlanta at Scottish Rite for 27 days. While there, she endured multiple medical procedures and three distinct surgeries. Since that time, the number of surgeries she has undergone has risen to twenty-seven. Despite the fact that surgery is a major event and most people never endure more than one, Lainey withstands them like a champ. She is exceptionally brave and extraordinarily cheerful. In addition to a vast number of surgeries, she also has a VP shunt, a spinal shunt, a neurogenic bladder, scoliosis, and is wheelchair dependent. She relies on others to meet all of her needs throughout the day.

Currently, Lainey has growing rods, also known as Harrington Rods, that were surgically implanted along her spinal column to correct scoliosis and they are lengthened every six months. This procedure is excruciatingly painful, but she faces these procedures with positivity and poise.

Lainey is a 7th grader at McClure Middle School and wholeheartedly loves her teachers, friends and the school community. She has an amazing memory and is obsessed with learning people’s names and the names of their dogs and children. She participates in aquatic therapy at Kool Kidz as well as occupational therapy and at McKenna Farms. For fun, she likes playing on her iPad, swimming and the beach. Lainey loves all things Disney and princesses. She is using her experience to inspire others and make a difference in the world by serving as a miracle child for UGA Miracle and loves raising funds for Children’s Hospital of Atlanta.

Sunshine on a Ranney Day is overjoyed to have the opportunity to provide Lainey with a beautiful new bedroom and bathroom. Her current bedroom is upstairs and she has to be carried down the stairs to get to the bathroom and shower. Sunshine on A Ranney Day plans to convert the main floor formal living room into a bedroom tailored to Lainey’s needs. These modifications will provide her with an accessible bathroom. This new space will allow her to enjoy a new level of independence! Her new room is sure to be a safe haven where she can enjoy her favorite activities and play with Buddy. If you’d like to help fund this project, please contact us through our website. We can’t wait to unveil the completed design and see Lainey’s bright smile!

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Before Sunshine

After Sunshine

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