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Cancerous Tumor in Jaw

Sunshine on a Ranney Day strives to restore hope to the lives of children and families who are experiencing serious illnesses. This stunning young fellow is a 16-year old high school sophomore with a passion for basketball, his family and his friends. Matthew plays for the Etowah High School Basketball team and is a member of a distinguished leadership club known as Flight Club. He is well respected and humble with the goal of increasing awareness and prevention of childhood cancer. Matthew recently endured an 18-hour surgery to remove a cancerous tumor from his jaw. This painstaking surgery, performed by a team of surgeons, repaired his jaw with a section of his fibula and required a ten-day hospital stay. The journey towards the devastating diagnosis of this malignant mass began after his mom noticed that he had a swollen jaw following a basketball game. At the time, nothing significant was found; physicians thought it was a swollen gland. It was only when a routine dental x-ray revealed a tooth growing in his jaw that doctors became suspicious. A follow up visit to an oral surgeon lead to the discovery that the tooth was embedded in a mass within his jaw and had to be extracted. His six-month recovery period will include on-going physical therapy and speech therapy. He is currently required to eat a modified soft diet and consume alkaline water. These services and his medical expenses are adding up and he requires around the clock care from his mother who is taking a leave of absence to help him recover. Matthew’s mother is a single mom and has exhausted her resources at this time. Sunshine on a Ranney Day created an inspiring and stimulating bedroom showcasing his favorite things which have a positive impact on his recovery. Renovation, rest, and remission are just what the doctor ordered, and he got just that!

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