Accessible Bathroom, Dream Bedroom

Cerebral Palsy

This handsome fella with dazzling eyes and an incredibly bright smile is Pablo. He is the lucky recipient of the next dream make over from Sunshine on a Ranney Day!

Twelve years ago, the family was excited to welcome Pablo into the world after a joyous pregnancy. When he finally arrived, he endured a traumatic birth with his umbilical cord wrapped around his neck. During this time, adequate oxygen was not being delivered to his brain and tremendously affected his ability to thrive. At birth, he was diagnosed with cerebral palsy, diplegia, spasticity and asthma. Although devastated by this trauma, his family was determined to ensure that he had a brilliant future in which he’d achieve all of his goals. That is exactly what he is doing.

This self-determined preteen is diligently working toward great achievements and does so with a happy spirit. He enjoys hippotherapy at MacKenna Farms where he has grown to love riding horses. He wears AFOs on his legs to help with tone and gait, as well as uses a wheelchair to get around on his own. He requires assistance with his activities of daily living including toileting and taking a shower. His home currently only has one bathroom and it is not wheelchair accessible. This makes his daily routine challenging and has become a barrier to developing further independence. Sunshine On A Ranney Day will be remodeling his bathroom to be fully accessible and will provide him an unforgettable designer bedroom. We can’t wait to see him beaming with glee when he sees it!

Pablo is fond of many things including dogs, classic cars, the color blue and Bruno Mars. Like most teens, he loves to chat about the things he loves most and those who know him best say he is quite the chatterbox. Despite the obstacles he faces, he continues to reach for the stars.

We hope that his newly decorated room inspires him to soar even further. We’d love to have your support in completing this project and hope that you will join us for the big reveal.

Family Photos

Photography by Marcelino Aquilar Photography

Before Sunshine

After Sunshine

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