Dream Bedroom


We’d like to introduce Princess Peyton. This precious diva will soon be getting a room makeover fit for royalty. This project is especially exciting because TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress Atlanta co-stars Lori and Monte will be designing her room! It is a perfect match as this little princess has a passion for fashion and all things glamorous. Sunshine on a Ranney Day is delighted to be able to partner with them to make this girl’s dreams come true! Peyton was born on April 20, 2011. She came into this world a fighter. After a long labor she was delivered via emergency Caesarian section and the cord was wrapped around her neck 3 times. This led to irregular breathing and aspirated fluids. Peyton spent the first 12-hours of her life in the NICU, which was quite frightening. Soon she was home developing a magnetic personality with enchanting beauty. As a budding tot, Peyton was blessed with two little brothers, Parker and Caleb. While her youngest brother was still in the hospital, a family member was taking care of Peyton and Parker. When Peyton came home, she seemed a little different. Filled with awe and love, she was tender and nurturing to her baby brother, but still seemed unlike herself. Her parents attributed the change to the stress of having a new baby in the home. Within a few days, she had a bruised and swollen ankle. X-rays showed that nothing was broken, but they put a cast on to help heal what they thought was, a “bruised bone”. She began running low-grade fevers on and off over the next couple days and she had what looked like blood blisters on the inside of her cheek and tongue. Five days later she woke up looking pale yellow, was running another fever, still not walking at all with her cast, lethargic and not eating. A visit to the pediatrician lead to an earth-shattering diagnosis, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL). This rare and significant type of Leukemia is one that requires a valiant battle to defeat. Peyton began her surreal journey toward healing in March 2014 and has two more years of treatment to endure. Despite the pain and suffering she experiences, she is a noble princess on a mission to eradicate this disease and gracefully persevere. We hope you will join us in celebrating her dazzling disposition and alluring charm as we reveal her royal fortress in October. We can’t wait to see her sparkling smile light up the room!

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Before Sunshine

After Sunshine

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