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Spina Bifida

One often sees pinwheels on little girl's bikes in parks and neighborhoods. Eight-year-old Rheagan has them on her wheelchair, which is perfect as its symbolism is "to turn one's luck around." While her pinwheels may bring joy, Rheagan's bright, infectious personality brightens every place she goes. Born with Spina Bifida, she has bilateral clubbed feet, tibial torsion, and hip dislocation. After numerous surgeries on her legs, and although she has no movement below the knee, Rheagan is able to use her wheelchair to get around independently. She wears AFOs on both of her legs and can move from her wheelchair to other seats independently. In school, Rheagan excels at reading and science, and with her independence and strong will participates in gymnastics and WCMX at her local skatepark.

When Rheagan gets home, her independence ends. Without an accessible sink, she cannot wash her own hands, and someone has to bring a cup of water to her for teeth brushing. While most kids her age have mastered an independent shower, Rheagan must be lifted into the tub and requires assistance to be safe. Like most girls, Rheagan wants to choose what to wear, but cannot reach her closet as her room is not accessible in many ways.

As Rheagan approaches her "tween" years, it would be fabulous if she had a safe, accessible space of her own to enjoy her favorite Star Wars, Disney Descendants, and Pokémon interests. The wheelchair doesn't hold Rheagan back, and after a Sunshine on a Ranney Day room makeover, nothing will. Pinwheels are the perfect decor for her wheelchair!

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Photography by Niki Murphy Photography

Before Sunshine

After Sunshine

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