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Special Project

We love working with other organizations who focus on helping give hope and healing to children. Summit Counseling Center of Atlanta has an amazing service to help counsel children with health and behavior issues, abuse, loss from divorce or death, suicidal feelings, bullying, self-harm, social issues and many other things. Did you know the #2 leading cause of death among those 10-24 years old is suicide? Helping children in their early stages can help save a life. This past year the Summit Counseling Center has had an increase of children by over 50%. The large conference room went under renovation to make it into 2 therapy rooms. These therapy rooms are helping professional therapists give many more children the help that they need to heal. Sunshine on a Ranney Day worked with a top designer, Crosby Design Group and these rooms look amazing!

Family Photos

Before Sunshine

Photography by Nicole Photography

After Sunshine

Photography by Nicole Photography

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