Dream Bedroom, Therapy Room, Accessible Bathroom, Wheelchair Ramp, Lift

Traumatic Brain Injury

We met Stacy and Bill Halstead in the fall of 2012; and, were immediately touched and inspired by their story. Together with their extended family, they are proving to be an amazing pillar of strength for their young son, Tripp. Stacy and Bill met in Asheville NC in 2006 and married the following year. Difficulty in getting pregnant led them to fertility specialists and soon Stacy learned that their efforts were successful. Feeling tremendously blessed, Stacy and Bill cherished every moment they spent with their thriving baby boy. Hopes of giving Tripp a sibling were dashed after the devastating miscarriage of a daughter they named Ella Mary. Shortly thereafter they learned that their window of opportunity for bearing more children was becoming increasing small. After overcoming their loss, Stacy and Bill immersed themselves in providing Tripp the best they could offer. Their family was complete. On Monday, October 29, 2012 life changed irrevocably for Tripp, and Stacy, and Bill. The day began as just another typical day. They dropped Tripp off at daycare, kissing him goodbye and reminding him how much they loved him, then continued on to work. Later that morning, while playing in the yard, high winds whipped unexpectedly through the neighborhood of the daycare center. A huge tree limb snapped in a gust and, tragically, fell directly onto Tripp’s head. He was rushed to Winder-Barrow Hospital then flown to Egleston Children’s Hospital in Atlanta. Emergency surgery revealed that the impact of the tree limb had shattered Tripp’s skull into multiple pieces. His prognosis was poor and Stacy and Bill were told to brace for the worst. Miraculously, Tripp survived that initial surgery and several that immediately followed. The next several months were like an out-of-control rollercoaster - physically for him, and emotionally for Stacy and Bill. Tripp is proving to be quite a fighter as he endures innumerable obstacles and surgeries. The road ahead is full of challenges. Doctors remain unsure of the extent of Tripp’s brain injury and his prognosis is uncertain. However, Stacy and Bill's faith is unshakeable and within the year began preparations to bring Tripp home. With a new (to them) ranch-style house purchased, Bill started planning a wheel-chair accessible remodel. It was around this time that Sunshine on a Ranney Day heard about his ambitions and stepped in to assist. With the goal of making the entire house Tripp friendly - we totally gutted the interior and started, basically, from scratch. We transformed a conventional house into a comfortable, functional, and fully-accessible home with a spacious open floor-plan. Hundreds of volunteers, businesses and sponsors supported and assisted in making this dream become a reality. We are also very thankful for all the generous monetary donations. We connected with people around the world who are touched by Tripp's story and by our mission.

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