SOARD Founding

In 2012, Sunshine on a Ranney Day completed its first makeover for an 11 year old boy who always wanted a military bunker bedroom. This special child was Mathew Majka who was battling a brain tumor. From that point on, the husband and wife duo, Peter and Holly Ranney, realized this mission was bigger than they imagined. 

Holly is a graduate of High Point University with a degree in Interior Design and Home Furnishings Merchandising. She spent 12 years as a buyer for Rooms To Go Kids. She traveled extensively around the world working on product development and developed strong relationships in the furniture industry. Peter is a graduate of Clemson University with a degree in Accounting. He grew up in the building industry and worked several summers with his Dad in the family business doing construction. At that time, he thought he wanted to get out of construction and pursue a career in accounting. Little did he know that he would end up back in construction. Now he is a licensed general contractor and manages all the construction projects for Sunshine on a Ranney Day. He is also the co-owner of the residential remodeling company Ranney Blair Construction.

We are often asked why we started the charity. There was no tragedy or special child that triggered us. It has been a lifetime of experiences and inspiration from a sermon that has guided us on this path. From our first makeover, we realized this was our calling together. - Peter & Holly Ranney


By the way, the SOARD charity logo and official mascot, Gracie, is the adorable pot-bellied pig Peter gave to Holly as a wedding gift. She can be seen here in her custom built house by Peter Ranney.